Interviews with real Guild interns about their experiences with the Guild ITP

Caroline Hildred, current Guild Intern, QLD

What was it that made you enrol in the Guild ITP?

The offer of APP registration was one reason – and with less people enrolling in the Guild program I knew I was going to have a greater chance at one on one sessions with tutors and more tailored learning. The Guild also offered a varied program that appeared to cover all areas in regards to preparation for my final exams.

What has been the best part of the program?

The best part of the program was the registration to APP2017. This gave me the opportunity to interact and build relationships with not only pharmacists but company representatives and other Guild interns. APP2017 also offered access to seminars to further my knowledge and bring back ideas to help increases productivity and services in my current pharmacy.

Do you feel adequately prepared for your upcoming examinations?

The workshops and assignments covered all aspects of both the written and oral exams. The workshops, being as small and intimate as they were up in Townsville, allowed us one on one time with the tutor and excess time to individually work through all examples. I felt very comfortable heading into my written exam with the resources that were provided through the Guild Intern Training Program.

How has the level of support from our tutors been throughout the program?

The support from my tutors went above and beyond. I actually broke my arm several weeks prior to the July sitting of the written exam. The amount of support I received in deferring my assessments and applying for special consideration was amazing. My tutor, Kate was outstanding in helping me through the difficult time. She was always available for calls and emails and gave me the best suggestions that made the difficult time in my intern year much easier.

Would you recommend the Guild ITP?

Absolutely! This program has helped mould me to be a better person and pharmacist. It has provided mountains of resources and extensive support from the ITP team. The overall design of the program with the workshops and assignments provided the best base knowledge I could have hoped for.