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Recommending the right Intern Training Program (ITP) is an important step in establishing a successful intern journey.

We asked pharmacists across Australia what’s important to them when recommending an ITP. Below are the five most important factors pharmacists consider and how the Guild weighs up against them.


1. Exam Support

Knowing your interns have thorough exam support is vital because really, what’s more important than passing the exams? Passing exams first time round means that your intern can become registered and be fully qualified to help in-store during the busy Christmas season. The Guild provides interns with comprehensive exam support, including written and oral exam training modules, practice materials and personalised guidance from tutors, so they pass their exams on their first go.


2. Free Vaccination Training

If you are a vaccinating pharmacy, having an intern who is certified to provide vaccinations means that once they’re registered, they’re able to work to their full scope straight away. With the Guild’s free Vaccination training, this is one less cost for your business to cover!


3. Preceptor Support

Guild ITP tutors are experienced pharmacists who have often been preceptors themselves. They’re here to help you navigate your relationship with your intern and answer any other questions you might have. When you reach out to a Guild Tutor, you’re speaking with a peer who understands the ins and outs of pharmacy and are happy to chat through any questions you might have.


4. Course Costs

Value for money is important for anyone making a considered purchase. The Guild ITP is the market leader at $1,855 with flexible payment plan options and no hidden or extra fees. Guild interns also receive over $2,000 in bonus value through free vaccination training, free Medication Management Review Stage One training and free registration to APP and Pharmacy Connect.


5. Course Structure & Content

The Guild’s flexible course structure allows interns to establish a healthy work, life and study balance. This makes for employees who are present and engaged with the task at hand, rather than thinking about their ITP tasks due. Challenging clinical content ensures interns are skilled to answer all kinds of enquiries in the pharmacy in an efficient and professional manner. They can relate to patients and use real world skills to solve problems.


In the most recent survey, 100% of Guild ITP preceptors said they would recommend the Guild ITP to a friend or colleague.

The Guild is committed to the future of all pharmacists and works hard to ensure interns are equipped with practical skills and the latest clinical knowledge to succeed in the industry. By employing a Guild Intern, you’ll help strengthen and grow the community pharmacy industry and have the opportunity to drive progressive, professional programs for your pharmacy.

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