What type of student are you?

Active? In the know of everything that’s going on at uni and with relevant associations. Participate in, or organise uni events?

Passive?  You mind your own business, you attend the necessary classes, but don’t engage much more than you absolutely have to?

Or you don’t fit either one of those types, and you dabble a bit in what catches your eye?

That’s cool, but you all have the one thing in common – you all want a job at the end of the day once you graduate, right?

I hope so, otherwise, why go through all the stress and put yourselves in debt??

You’re in luck.

There’s no better time to be a student than now, especially a pharmacy student, and particularly if you’re a student member of The Pharmacy Guild of Australia or reading this right now.

Being a pharmacy student, you may have heard of the APP Conference, or the Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference & Trade Exhibition, and if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat.

Feel free to research this yourselves, however I’m willing to bet that there’s no other conference that offers students free access to Australia’s largest pharmacy trade exhibition, and discounted tickets to the best conference (and party) in the community pharmacy calendar.

Students receive:

  1. Free access to trade exhibition (Friday 4 May – Sunday 6 May)
  2. Free access to the Welcome Reception (Thursday 3 May)
  3. * Free entry to Harm Minimisation Workshop (Sunday 6 May)
  4. Discounted Street Party tickets (Saturday 5 May)
  5. Discounted day and full registration fees (includes access to all sessions)

That guy in the photo, his name is Dr David Jacka by the way. He’ll be one of the facilitators for the *Harm Minimisation Workshop on Sunday, 6 May, which we have made available for students to attend for free.

Register now. You can register for the free sessions only if you wish, just don’t miss out.

You may wonder how you’ll get a job out of attending a conference. Read the benefits of Networking and how to use Networking to find a job, as well as the article on how to stand out as a pharmacy student.