Nominations for the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s Intern of the Year are now open!

Today, the Pharmacy Guild of Australia announced nominations for the 2021 MIMS / Guild Intern of the Year Award (IOTY) were now open using an updated and simplified system.

The national award supports the next generation of pharmacists and owners to build a strong foundation for their professional careers. The winner takes home a travel and educational scholarship to the value of $4,500, courtesy of MIMS Australia.

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s National President, Trent Twomey, said nominations opened on 1 November 2021 and would close on 31 January 2022. The winner will be announced at APP2022’s opening plenary on the Gold Coast in March 2022.

“We’re very excited to announce nominations have now opened,” said Mr. Twomey, “the big difference this year is the simplified application process.”

“To make things a lot easier, the nomination form this year has only one question, in 50 words or less tell us why you deserve to be IOTY,” said Mr. Twomey.

“It’s really very simple, Pharmacy Guild interns can self-nominate or be nominated online at www.internpharmacist.com.au/intern-of-the-year/.”

Robert Best, the CEO and Executive Director of MIMS Australia and New Zealand, said that MIMS Australia was very excited to sponsor IOTY once again.

“This is an award that showcases the very best of innovation and excellence of pharmacy interns, said Mr Best, “being able to reward excellence in young people is exciting for our whole team at MIMS. These interns have gone above and beyond for their community during this pandemic and really are the future of pharmacy.”

“MIMS has been committed to supporting all healthcare professionals from all parts of the healthcare ecosystem for nearly 60 years. We are absolutely thrilled to support community and hospital pharmacies and the interns by sponsoring this award each year.”

Mr. Twomey encouraged those self-nominating and nominating others to act quickly and get the nominations in as soon as possible.

“With this new and improved online system, there’s added incentive to act early,” said Mr. Twomey, “from experience, that deadline comes around very quickly; I’d hate for anyone to miss out.”