College to deliver Intern Training Program from December 2023

Today, the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (Guild) announced that the Australasian College of Pharmacy (College) will manage and deliver the Guild Intern Training Program from December 2023 onwards and will be known as the College Intern Training Program.

Guild National President, Professor Trent Twomey confirmed that this was a united outcome between the Guild and College.

“The transfer of the Intern Training Program from the Guild to the College, better aligns with the strategic direction and purpose of each entity, Professor Twomey said.”

“As the 8th Community Pharmacy Agreement approaches and the role of the community pharmacist continues to change, the Guild’s focus is on advocating for community pharmacy as an integral primary healthcare destination for Australians.”

Melanie Hunt, College CEO supports the transfer of the intern training program to the College.

“As the education provider for the Australian pharmacy industry, we are excited to start delivering the College Intern Training Program.”

“The College’s focus is on skills advancement for the pharmacy workforce and supporting the industry with contemporary and proactive education as pharmacists’ scope of practice continues to expand.”

“The intern training program sets interns up for a lifelong pharmacy career and provides a solid foundation to start their journey to practise to their full scope.”

“I want to reassure current interns, their preceptors, and interested pharmacy students that the structure and delivery of the existing intern training program will not change.”

“Current and future interns can still expect the same high-quality engaging content, program flexibility, supportive clinical tutors, bonus extras and affordable value.”

“Interested pharmacy students can enrol in the College Intern Training Program via the website for the early 2024 Cohort 1 intake.”

“I thank those that have contributed to the Intern Training Program since its inception and have since established the sought-after program that the intern training program has become known for,” Professor Twomey said.

The College Intern Training Program remains an accredited program approved by the Australian Pharmacy Council.