Why should I enrol in the Guild Intern Training Program (ITP)?
  • The course almost pays for itself! At a market-leading price of only $1,855 you receive all of the following added benefits for no extra cost!
    • APP Conference Registration on the Gold Coast (worth $940)*
    • Pharmacy Connect Conference Registration in Sydney (worth $295)^
    • 12 month subscription to eMIMS (worth $295)
    • 12 month subscription to eTG (worth $345)
    • Better yet – flexible payment plans available with no hidden or extra fees!
  • Exceptional support for both written and oral exams including; exclusive Guild ITP written exam practice modules, ‘mock exam’ sessions and a dedicated two-day oral exam preparatory workshop.
  • Truly flexible program structure, allowing you to tailor a timeline that works for you.  Complete the program in as little as six months or pace it out up to nine months.
  • The Guild ITP focuses on practical learning including clinical and professional studies, ensuring you walk away with ‘real world’ experience and training.
  • Unparalleled support from Guild ITP clinical tutors who are only ever an email or phone call away!
  • Work-Life Balance: We understand the importance having a work-life balance so content is focused on the core requirements of your internship.
  • Be a sought after employee: Pharmacist owners respect and understand the expertise, depth of knowledge and experience of the Guild and its training programs.
I am a bit worried about my intern exams. How does the Guild help me to prepare?

The Guild ITP provides interns with a number of opportunities to prepare for both the Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) written examination and the Pharmacy Board of Australia (PBA) oral examination. Choose the Guild ITP and receive the following in exam preparation support:

  • Exclusive Guild intern only MCQ practice exam modules to help you prepare for the APC written exam.
  • ‘Mock written examination’ exercises in workshops, to provide you with the necessary hints, tips and strategies for success!
  • Dedicated oral exam preparation workshop day– fully interactive with case scenarios and discussions on each of the four key areas of the PBA oral exam.
  • Written assignments as part of the Guild ITP provide targeted written and oral exam preparation.
  • Support and friendly advice from our highly accessible Guild clinical tutors.
I want to know more about the Guild ITP workshops, what do they entail?

The Guild ITP workshops are an integral part of the Guild training experience, allowing interns an opportunity to meet with peers and learn in an interactive group environment. The Guild ITP comprises of two, two-day workshops which are spaced strategically throughout the year, so that they may assist you in preparing for your written and oral exams.  The Guild ITP workshops fulfil the mandatory Australian Pharmacy Council requirement for interns to attend a minimum of 25 hours of face-to-face workshops throughout the year. For convenience, workshops are run in all states and territories, and in larger states multiple workshop options are available to allow for smaller class sizes and increased interactivity!

A summary of the Guild ITP workshops can be found below:

  • Workshop I: Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) will be the main focus of the first workshop which will include clinical refreshers on various disease states including case studies and interactive learning opportunities. Relevant pharmacy industry updates will also be provided as well as ‘mock-exam’ sessions (e.g. calculations, legal/ethical and clinical) to assist you in preparing for your APC written exam.
  • Workshop II: A not to be missed workshop! Again focusing on working in groups and undertaking case studies, but with a specific and dedicated focus on getting you prepared for the PBA oral examination. Interns will have the opportunity to take part in exercises to mimic the four key components of the PBA oral exam as well as benefit from the experienced advice of our knowledgeable Guild clinical tutors.  Not only will this workshop help in building your confidence for the exam, but it will also focus on how to integrate problem-solving and communication skills into your everyday pharmacy practice!
Is it mandatory for me to travel to the Gold Coast for APP, or Sydney for Pharmacy Connect?

Attending APP or Pharmacy Connect is not a compulsory part of the Guild ITP. It is, however, highly recommended that you attempt to attend at least one of these events as you will gain full access to all education sessions and the trade shows exhibitions! We understand that travelling and re-arranging work commitments may also impede on your ability to attend so there is no need to attend the entire conference – choose the day and time that best suits you.

APP is held each year in March from Thursday to Sunday. Visit the APP website.

Pharmacy Connect is held over a weekend in September. Visit the Pharmacy Connect website.

Does the Guild ITP offer flexible payment options?

Yes! The Guild ITP understands the financial pressures that interns face when embarking on full-time careers.  The Guild ITP provides interns with a number of payment options, so you can choose a plan that suits you best.

Option 1:  Single payment of $1855 inc GST

Option 2:  6 Monthly instalments of $309.16 inc GST

Option 3:  8 Monthly instalments of $231.87 inc GST

Better yet, there are no extra or hidden fees applicable!

Do I need to have received my provisional registration and approval of practice site through AHPRA before I can enrol in the Guild ITP?

No*, you can enrol in the Guild ITP while you are waiting for your provisional registration and practice site to be approved by AHPRA. The Guild ITP will follow up with you to obtain the necessary documents to finalise your enrolment once you have received them.

*Please note that your provisional registration and supervised practice site must be approved by AHPRA before commencing Guild ITP course requirements.

For more information about applying for provisional registration and approval of supervised practice sites, please visit the Pharmacy Board of Australia website.

Does my preceptor receive any additional support if I take part in the Guild ITP?

Yes! Your preceptor is automatically provided with:

  • A comprehensive Guild ITP preceptor manual which details the program in its entirety, including useful recommendations and advice.
  • FREE access to four (4) x APC accredited CPD online educational modules to support preceptors in their role of effectively mentoring intern pharmacists.
  • Phone and email support from Guild ITP Pharmacist tutors

View our Preceptor page

If Pharmacists would like to know any more about becoming a preceptor please refer to the Pharmacy Board of Australia website.

I am an overseas trained pharmacist. Can I enrol in the Guild ITP?

Yes! Once an overseas trained Pharmacist has completed the relevant APC requirements and has an approved supervised practice site and provisional registration with AHPRA they can commence the Guild ITP. To find out more please refer to the below:

The Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) – available at: https://www.pharmacycouncil.org.au/pharmacists/overseas-trained-pharmacists/become-a-registered-australian-pharmacist/

Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency (AHPRA) – The Pharmacy Board of Australia – available at http://www.pharmacyboard.gov.au/Registration/Overseas.aspx

Where are the workshops held?

The Guild ITP provides workshops at central locations in each state and territory. Interns can choose a location best suited to them, all across Australia! Learn more

Do I need to get professional indemnity insurance as an intern? And if so, how much does it cost?

Yes, it is an AHPRA requirement that all intern pharmacists have Professional Indemnity Insurance.

The good news is, you can access this insurance for FREE through PDL insurance. See their website for more information http://www.pdl.org.au/pharmacy-students-and-interns-membership-insurance