Bonus Training

The Guild ITP is committed to ensuring that all Guild Interns are appropriately skilled to practice to the full extent of their scope as a pharmacist.

With our free optional training, Guild Interns will gain practical skills that are designed to prepare interns for real world scenarios throughout their pharmacy career, while adding value to the pharmacy.

Free ACP Membership

Through an exclusive agreement with the Australasian College of Pharmacy, Guild Interns can access the extensive range of member benefits provided by The College (valued at up to $399), for FREE during their internship. This includes access to:

✔️ The College’s full CPD/CPE catalogue

✔️ CPD learning plans, journals and transcripts

✔️ Regular College eNewsletters

✔️ Educational webinars featuring clinical and business topics

✔️ Discounted College networking and mentoring events

✔️ Discounted College Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas


View The College’s complete list of offerings for Guild Interns

MMR Accreditation

Receive access to complimentary accreditation training (Stage One MMR and Stage Two MMR) via the Australasian College of Pharmacy when you enrol in the Guild ITP!

Through an exclusive agreement with the Australasian College of Pharmacy, Guild Interns enrolled from January 2023 will have access to the complimentary accreditation training.

Medication Management Reviews (MMR) are an important pharmacy service, providing support to GPs to improve patient outcomes and potentially reduce unnecessary hospital admissions. Accreditation not only supports pharmacists to provide Home Medicines Reviews (HMRs) and Residential Medication Management Reviews (RMMRs), but the skills and knowledge required to do any type of medication reviews.

Free MMR Stage One Training (valued at $399) will provide interns with an understanding of the MMR process and the initial knowledge and skills required to successfully undertake an MMR, while learning valuable communication and clinical problem-solving skills.

It will also prepare interns to undertake complimentary Stage Two assessment (valued at $899), ultimately leading to accreditation to provide Home Medicines Review (HMR) and Residential Medication Management Review (RMMR) services.

Find out more about gaining accreditation through the Australasian College of Pharmacy



Vaccination Training

All interns undertaking the Guild ITP can access the Guild Vaccination Course for Pharmacists for FREE!

Valued at up to $640, interns can complete their accreditation to provide pharmacist-administered vaccination at no extra cost, at an appropriate time for their jurisdiction of practice.

Market research conducted as part of the Guild’s Community Pharmacy 2025 project (CP2025) found patients strongly support expanded health services being available from their local pharmacy, with vaccination being one of the most frequently nominated services. In 2022 alone, hundreds of thousands of Australian patients chose the convenience of getting their influenza vaccination at their local community pharmacy.

To see the list of courses available on The Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s website please click here.

Community Pharmacy Career Pathways

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia is dedicated to supporting new and emerging pharmacy owners and developing new leaders in community pharmacy.

The Guild aims to equip early career pharmacists with the pathways, skills, tools and professional networks needed to be leaders in the primary health care system and owners of community pharmacies.

Finding information and making informed decisions about a career in community pharmacy doesn’t have to be challenging.

Visit the Guild Website to access a range of resources that can help you learn more about the opportunities available.