Whether it be reading blogs, listing to podcasts, watching how-to videos, or attending webinars, there are many great ways to learn and advance your skills.

However, there is one learning platform that can provide so much more than these one-way tools – conferences.

What are the additional benefits of attending a conference, beyond  learning something new? The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, QLD Branch Events Manager, Emma Fernance shares her secrets:

  • Meet experts and influencers face-to-face – you get the chance to not only hear from, but also meet, key players in your industry Networking opportunities – social media may be a great way of keeping you connected to your peers, but there is no substitute for meeting people and interacting face-to-face.
  • You may also meet some prospective employers!
  • Learn in a new space – attending conferences allows you to expand your learning experience beyond the lecture theatres and tutorial rooms.
  • Meet and learn from like-minded individuals – meeting like-minded peers from around the country will inspire you and will assist in developing your professional network.
  • Invest in yourself – attending a conference is an investment in your future career.